We provide the following services:

  • Creative, script development, copy editing and consulting on all projects
  • Specialty camera operations, including jib arm, Steadicam and point-of-view cameras
  • Multicam event recording, including corporate functions and weddings
  • Editing and sound mixing
  • Professional lighting
  • Set design
  • Casting/narration

Wading into the stormy waters of television production can be a daunting experience.

So what's the safest answer?

When shopping for production services, look for three things:

Background: Confirm that the lead person in the company has a background in television or film. They should have TV stations or advertising agencies in their resumes.

Equipment: Listen for clues that they can work with many cameras. Ask about format options available. If they only own one camera and a tripod, beware.

References: Get a list of their recent clients. Pick out a known company and ask for a contact name, position and number.

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